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Macromedia: Shockwave Flash for UNIX

Since Linux is supported by Macromedia, and the SWF format description was released, we have some interest to provide some creation-tools.
  1. Introduction
  2. Example
  3. Documentation
  4. Authoring Tools & Libraries
Macromedia Flash
1. Introduction
Flash animations is an "open" animation file-format defined by Macromedia, Flash File Format Specification. We consider it as worthwhile to support it further with some tools (we plan to develop) to create flash-animations (.swf).

Download either

Both versions are still a bit buggy, and your browser may crash all of the sudden.

Macromedia Flash
2. Example

Click with right-button to invoke popup menu of the plugin (only when you used Macromedia Linux plug-in).

The animation was created by Olivier Debon, creator of the Open Source Flash plugin (GPL). The swfparse-output of linux.swf you find here.

Note: We used a small CGI flash.cgi which simply forces the correct content-type despite of the server settings. For details on MIME-type setting for web-server check Flash Support.

 <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" 
     width="150" height="120" NAME="sw" ID="sw" 
     <param name="Movie" value="linux.swf"> 
     <param name="quality" value="best"> 
     <param name="Loop" value="true"> 
     <param name="play" value="true"> 
 <embed src="flash.cgi?linux.swf" width=150 height=120 bgcolor=#000000> 

This is the original flash-intro from Macromedia. Also the swfparse-output: flash_intro.dump.

How To Flash
Support pages to create flash-animations
Macromedia collection of Flash2/3 sites
Webboard for flash discussion
OpenSWF Newsgroup
Open SWF standard discussion
OpenSWF site
Another place to go

Macromedia Flash
3. Documentation

Original documentation from Macromedia:

Flash File Format Specification
Original documentation
SWF Specifications (local)
The details
Sample Source Code (local)
SWF C++ parsers etc

Macromedia Flash
4. Authoring Tools & Libraries

Developing SWF files with WYSIWYG approach (like Macromedia tools) under UNIX is not available (status Oct 2001). Yet, some libraries have been written and script-interfaces (e.g. such as perl and php):

Another libswf in C++
SWF to SVG Conversion
From one animation format to another
SWF library with interface to PHP, Python etc (not Perl yet)
Another library C++
Another library
FlashSynthesizer (SWFLib)
libswf.a library to write SWF animations (no source-code)
PerlFlash (Flash.pm)
Perl interface to libswf.a (at least partially)

We are certainly interested to develop high-level tools for SWF (and also SVG), some ideas:

  • dedicated scripting language (human readable)
    • data visualization (weather forecast, 3d animation etc)
    • dynamic (on-the-fly) swf creation (CGI etc)
  • sound-conversion (to adpcm)
  • video-stream conversion (see ffmpeg-server to stream swf)
  • ...


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